CLAYS: Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday from 9:00am to 3:30pm
(The latest group must go out by 1:00pm)
5 STAND: Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday - 9:00am to 2:30pm

We are looking for additional duty men for Wednesday's, Saturday's and Sunday's.
Anyone interested contact Perry Iannocone.
Anyone interested in working at the registered shoots as a puller/scorer or just general assistance please contact Perry Iannocone.
3/8/20 SUN NYSRP 9:00AM
3/15/20 SUN St Paddy's Day 9:00AM
4/17/20 FRI SCFC 9:00AM
4/19/20 SUN YCP 9:00AM
5/1/20 FRI Nassau Boy Scouts 9:00AM
6/5/20 FRI SCFC 9:00AM
6/27/20 SAT Piping Rock Club 9:00AM
9/13/20 SUN Breast Cancer Shoot 9:00AM
X/X/X SUN Lady's Day & Cancer Survivors 9:00AM

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