Time Lines

January 6, 1975 - “President John Tracy reported there was to be a Riverhead Town Board hearing on Jan.17th at 10 A.M. proposing the banning of hunting in Riverhead Town.”

June 23, 1976 - “John Tracy reported, “our German Shepard “Rinny” had testicle problem and was brought to the vet for treatment”

September 1, 1976
- “Paul Daniels reported that next month on our meeting night, we will dispense with business and hold our cocktail-meeting night for legislators in the Elephant room……….purpose of demonstrating that sportsmen do exist”

February 9, 1977 - “The changing of the club’s name was also discussed. A possible name is the Peconic River Club”.

March 9, 1977
- "The idea for hedgerows was discussed, with the possibility of a rail type fence to protect the hedgerow from people walking through them. The possibility of a crazy quail walk using trap machines was also raised. A discussion followed.”

May 11, 1977
- “Stu Blumberg made a motion to reserve the club name Peconic River Sportsman’s Club with Albany. This was seconded by Keith Miranda, and carried.”

July 6, 1977
- “Harry Hellar gave a report on changing the name of the club. He read the names suggested by the members and voted upon. 1st choice was Peconic River Sportsman’s Club Inc., 2nd choice was Peconic Sportsman Club Inc., 3rd choice was River Brook Sportsman Association. Barry Hellar made a motion to accept the Peconic River Sportsman’s Club Inc., as the new title of the club, second by Bill Wachholder and carried.”

September 7, 1977 - “Sal DeBella reports that the crazy quail walk is moving along, the area has been selected, and we need to purchase ten machines.”

October 12, 1977 - “Sal DeBella gave his report on the Quail walk. They have purchased 6 outer traps at a cost of $321 and that 4 traps were donated. They are still getting the bugs out, but say it is fast and furious. A discussion followed.

November 9, 1977
- “Sal DeBella reports the quail walk needs some work. One more trius trap is needed, also some domes targets. A shed is also required for storage of targets of less that $125. A motion was made by Keith Miranda to purchase the trius trap and shed, seconded by John Tracy and carried.”


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